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This blog will contain a lot of Heartland, Amber Marshall, Darren Criss, and some other random reblogs along with some original creations. Yup. Love it or leave it, loves!

Amy Fleming is my spirit animal, but C.J. Cregg is my alter ego.


  Anonymous said:
Lol your post make me laugh when im nit in the best mood and just your post gives me excatly what i need in that moment! im pissed off at my mom and sister but mostly my mom (What else is new) right now! So i needed to laugh! lol I kinda wish i didnt have school and yall didnt have jobs and we al go paid to be on here and talk to each other everyday! haha Its funny because excatly when i feel alone i read a post and then i realize im not alone! -Klaire

Aw, well thank you. Sometimes I think I’m the who thinks I’m funny but, hey, at least I can amuse myself, eh? I don’t think there isn’t a moment anymore where I’m not frustrated with, just moments of truce where we get along. It’s stressful, though. At least you can come on here and chat and vent a little! I know I do! (Soile knows, too haha) I know I have that lonely feeling after Soile goes to bed and my dash quiets down since I don’t follow many blogs to keep it active. Its like it just gets too quiet lol.

  soisle said:
About that history book thing: the place where I grew up had a lot of those things in books at our local library. Like you could have some Nancy Drew book and someone had written those "instructions" to look at page this and that. That post of yours just brought that memory up :D Haven't thought about that for a long time, but it was pretty fun (poor books though).

I don’t remember finding a lot of that stuff in books. Or I just can’t think of any particular time right now. Haha, but I was in the bookstore Barnes & Noble over the weekend and someone had typed “I like hard dick” into the book search on the computer. Lol I don’t know how that’s relevant but it made me laugh. I just liked that post because even back in 1873 they had the same humor. Lol. Gotta love history.

Alisha did the ALS Challenge and nominated Amber Marshall. The rest of the crew members should do a group one. =’D

Me: *gets handed invitation to former co-worker’s baby shower*

My boss: Come to my house, we’re gonna drink first.

Me: O-okay.

Pretty much how things go around the farm. Yup. Didn’t even ask if I was going. I just wasn’t given the option because I know damn well she wasn’t go alone and used alcohol as incentive. Hah.

I would like to say I appreciate the time you take out of your day to post and write! I love this blog. Happy I found it.

Aww, thank you! I’m happy you found it, too, and that people continue to find it! I actually feel like anything else I do takes time away from here. =X Haha. Addiction at its finest! But it’s good to know it’s not being wasted. ;)

The End Where We Begin (AU Tamy Fanfic) pt 11


Title: The End Where We Begin
fuckyeahjavakiss and heartlandians
Heartland (CBC)
 Ty + Amy (Tamy)
An alternative universe where Ty and Amy meet by chance and end up learning that lives can actually begin more than once.
PG-13 just to be safe

* * * *

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I always say I have so much to get done… but everything I have to do consists of sitting here at the computer catching up on my writing projects, updating/editing blogs, and answering messages… like it’s a paying job or something. If only. My problems would be solved.

  Anonymous said:
Well i have no social life! I talk to my friends over text and email see them once a week (if that) I have a boyfriend but he's my ony social contact other than my family! (and i dont even "socialize" unless my dads home even then its not "all the time") I homeschool so I can be on here while "doing" school! i get it done thats what matters right? it doesnt matter if im "socializing" while doing it right? -Klaire

Lol, this right here is my social life. And the people I interact with at work. Sometimes my boss drags me out with her somewhere or we’ll have lunch/dinner, but aside from that… yeah this is it for me too. Nothing wrong with that! (Well, not according to some people.) As long as you get your work done it shouldn’t matter.

goldenluvr replied to your post: heartlandians: fuckyeahjavakiss: Cin…

Would love to see those videos!! Hopefully they’ll post on their IG or twitter!

Cindy’s is on her IG and Graham IS doing the ALS Challenge. He said he’ll be doing it during CWAC. SO much win.

  Anonymous said:
i agree! I laughed at your post about your mom yelling at you because my mom does the same to me (but that's normal) She threatened to cut off the internet but she needs it for stuff and shes been watching Netflix too so I laughed harder than i probably should but hey its funny. She said she would take the wifi off my kindle but I know the password by heart so i would still use the wifi! lol How old are you? im about to be sixteen!;) -Klaire

Well, the sad part about it is I’m 23. So, I mean, I should really be out doing something but I just don’t feel a need to go locate a social life for myself. Plus it’s my day off work. -.-  But I pay for half the internet so she can’t really cut it off. Lol

  soisle said:
Oh my god, I remember when I was still living with my sisters and my older sister got mad at me, so she hid our modem and I was pretty furious (internet is/was my way to keep contact with "my people"). This was before smart phones.

Haha, that would have been a nightmare. I just wondered how she thought that was a feasible plan when she needs the internet to watch her damn Hulu/Netflix. She doesn’t watch regular TV anymore, but carries her computer around with her to watch stuff and gets all in a huff when something doesn’t load. Then she walked away mumbling “it’s not normal.” How in the hell is what she doing any different than me being on here? At least I’m actually talking with people and stimulating my brain! *huffs* I’m sorry, it just angers me.

  Anonymous said:
I dont think the wedding wil happen in a mid episode! I think it will be a season finale! Also loved ur update! It was a hard chapter to get throught and im not gonna lie there were tears but it was a much needed chapter! Im gonna have to start all over with Solies and your story bc i missed like 3 updates and dont remember what happened lol Do u really think they would give us a whole season of Tamy being newlyweds? -Klaire

It was a hard chapter. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few tears as well. As for the wedding, I mean, if they get married in this season’s finale and we get a season 9, then of course we’ll have a whole season of them as newlyweds. I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but that’s what I’m hoping for. I just don’t think we’ll be getting a wedding in 809/810. If we do of course I’ll be thrilled, but it’s just not something I see happening.

So. I got yelled at for being in my room all day (what else is new) and mom threatened to cut off the internet, which is set up in my room. I laughed then because all she’s been watching the last 3 days is Hulu/Netflix. Hypocrite. -.-



Cindy Busby did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated Graham! Fingers crossed he, and more of the Heartland cast, participates! I wasn’t nominated, but I donated anyway. #shamlessALSplug

So basically my dreams came true! I saw Cindy’s friend Sarah doing it, so I hoped she’d nominate Cindy and then Cindy would nominate Graham. Muahahaha! Sorry Graham! Not sorry.


Hahaha, a fan nominated Amber for it, but she hasn’t responded to that particular comment on her IG. So we’ll see if she actually does it too! *fingers crossed*