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Amy Fleming is my spirit animal, but C.J. Cregg is my alter ego.


I’m seeing Heartland people all over today. Wth, this never happens!

Haha just saw a preview for an episode of The Listener and Mr. Hanley was in it playing a magician. Amazing how when you start to watch a show and catch the actors in other things you never noticed before.

Made my dreaded phone call, landed a job interview tomorrow. Now I have a whole new reason to stress and panic. Sigh.

mwasheck replied to your post: You’d think this was a mid-season epis…

Yeah luck for us the 125th episode fell when it did because they had to make this one one to remember.

And they certainly did! Apparently it’s the best rated since S4!

goldnluvr said: Yeah and at least that break isn’t as long as the mid-season one. Mid-season break is when I break out my DVD’s and marathon watch my favorite show!

Very true! It would have been painful to wait a month or more. At least this is only a week. Then again, we don’t know what the mid-season finale will be yet. But DVD marathon is what I do too! Haha, or catch up on other shows… just try to keep busy.

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Nice, is that from “We Bought A Zoo”? You can do it Sarah call….

Haha, yeah that’s where it’s from.

mwasheck replied to your post: Here’s my issue: I’ve been trying for …

You can do it!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. =)

kerryjamesfans said: I’m the same. I forgot my son’s birthdate once I was so stressed lol. What I do I write down notes of what I need to say/remember. Like my number if they need to call back, even why I’m phoning in case I freeze and go blank when they say “hello”

Omg I do the same thing. I write a script for myself all the time lol. I always panic when they answer the phone and if I have to leave a message I ramble awkwardly. >.< I’d rather do it in person than over the phone any day.

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and when he seemed so upset talking to Casey about no one telling him anything..oh Tim :(

goldnluvr said: When he said he didn’t know, my heart went out to him. He felt terrible and hated seeing Amy so upset. You could tell by the tone in his voice that he was upset about the situation.

kerryjamesfans said: I felt myself waiting for Tim to do or say something in his usual way, but he was so different. I really felt bad for him when he blamed himself, it was so sincere and heartbreaking. Just wow. Felt the love for Tim tonight :) (Chris kicked ass)

Those are the moments where Tim really redeems himself. So many people hate him, and I’ll admit he gets on my nerves sometimes, but it’s moments like that that always remind me why I like him. Could just be Chris’ portrayal of him more than the character himself, but either way, I’d miss Tim if he were to ever leave for good.

When you find a picture someone else posted but can’t find the original source and want to throw things because how did they find it but you can’t?!?

I’m feeling a Chris Potter kick coming on. Venturing to locate The Good Witch movies. Anyone have opinions of them? Good? I’ve never seen them.

  Anonymous said:
I didn't cry, but I absolutely agree with everyone who says, it was a very good epiode. It was! Writing, directing, shooting, acting. Amazed!!! I guess I'm back to my Heartland addiction again:) Thought I got rid of it:) Glad you liked it too! like you and Soile, I didn't basically like the idea of Ahmed having romantical feelings for Amy, but I guess that was needed for the plot, to tget Amy back on the track, to find her roots and what's really important for her.

I think it was definitely one of my favorite episodes so far. I liked the open communication finally. Even if they were shouting at the one instant, at least it was coming out. Exceptional performances by Graham and Amber. The expressions on their faces were just… ugh… UGH. I am disappointed they took Ahmed’s character in that direction and ruined what could have been a nice supporting character to pop in and out on occasion. I mean… to play devil’s advocate, his reasons for falling for her were legit. But the way he went about confessing his love and then pushing for her were just wrong, but then you have to think of his status. He’s a prince, after all, and had never fallen into a situation like this before. No one, not Amy, Ty, Ahmed, even Georgie or Lou, knew how to properly handle it and just had to figure it out as it happened. And poor Jack and Tim being out of the loop. The first and the last Prince encounter was essentially their doing. Lol. Jack telling Ahmed where Amy was and then Tim inviting him for dinner… Poor unsuspecting men.

Me: Watch out for Ahmed in this episode, he turns into a bit of a creep.

Mom: What, does he try to rape her or something?

Me: MOM. This is a family show on Sunday evenings. 


Oh no. My mom is watching 804. Oh god, am I ready for a round 3 yet?

I don’t know.

I love Chris Potter. I like Tim as a character. I love his bromance with Jack. He can be a bit of an egotistical pain in the ass, and pushy, yes, but even if he was the idiot who said “that’s a relationship worth nurturing” and invited Ahmed for dinner of his own accord, the moment after the falling out at the table when he says “I didn’t know.” Crushed my soul.