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Amy Fleming is my spirit animal, but C.J. Cregg is my alter ego.


So, this has been a very common site in the area lately as every law enforcement agency in the tri-state area continues to search for Eric Frein.

*not my video (x)

My cat is laying on my legs with his head on my butt and I have to fart… sorry buddy.

  solrevie said:
Hey .. without trying to be a bother, have you forgotten about ride to buck !!! Love you writing and looking forward to more as usual.

No I haven’t. That’s one of 3 in progress drafts I have going right now. The new RaB chapter has actually progressed further than the new TNS but I’ve hit a writer’s block so it’s been sitting dormant and waiting to be finished.

Me: *sits down at computer*
Clock: 1:58pm
Me: Okay, let’s see if I can get this done by 4pm.
Clock: 3:57pm
Me: *stares at blinking insertion point on blank word document* Fuck.

  Anonymous said:
Always the longer chapter with more drama. The longer the waiting, the better the reward should be, shouldn't it? In some cases it isn't so, unfortunately:) How are you, hope you're ok and everything's fine?

Lol, well one always hopes, anyway. There really wasn’t much of anything going on in the first half, but I’ve had people asking when I was going to post a new chapter so I figured I’d let the readers decide if they wanted a chapter sooner or to wait longer for a (hopefully) better chapter. And I’m doing good, still kind of in a “blah” lazy ass mood for some reason. I hate these moods because I waste so much time accomplishing nothing. One of those more long-term, can’t bring myself to sit still and focus moods.

So I went to type “Heather” and accidentally typed “Hearther.” Lmao. Heartland on the brain.

“I learned a valuable lesson at one point working on another show called Road to Avonlea. And it was that you make them laugh and you make them cry within, like, minutes. Maybe even seconds. An audience should feel like they’ve been dragged through a knot hole by the end of an episode to make it really leave a lasting impression so they’re thinking about it the next day.”

- Heather Conkie (x)
The End Where We Begin (Tamy AU Fanfic) pt 15


Title: The End Where We Begin
fuckyeahjavakiss and heartlandians
Heartland (CBC)
 Ty + Amy (Tamy)
An alternative universe where Ty and Amy meet by chance and end up learning that lives can actually begin more than once.
PG-13 just to be safe

* * * *

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@DarrenCriss: So I may have to deal with a few unflattering shirtless pictures surfacing, but whatever it’s a fair trade for rockin that sweet water slide (x)

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  ffsjenner said:
Do you know when the Tamy wedding is going to happen?

Only the writers know that, and I’m not even sure they do at this very moment.

With Day 8 coming to a close, the Shelter in Place Warning still in effect with road blocks preventing people from returning home, every state and local cop from the tri-state area, FBI, SWAT, and the military scouring a grid to try to push this guy out, most likely with another long night ahead, I’m starting to wonder if cray cray is even around anymore and they’re searching a vast empty space while he’s hopped the train to Timbuktu.